The team of professional auditors and tariff analysts at UTEL Audits are committed to finding you the best quality service at the lowest cost. UTEL Audits is an independent consultancy which has been effectively managing the business utility bills of Industrial and Commercial companies since 1994.

Whether your company has a specific utility issue that you would like us to investigate, or you are looking for a general audit of all business utility bills, UTEL Audits can help.

UTEL Audits are proud of our extensive market intelligence and in-depth retrieval of accurate information. As specialists we continuously track the complex array of pricing structures and have systems to manage this data. Our current knowledge, independent advice and high levels of customer service give our clients the reassurance to return for our help year after year.

Remember, if we can’t save you money, you don’t pay a penny.


UTEL Audits is a member of The Association of Cost Management Consultants (ACMC), an association of selected independent cost reduction specialists, who share information and expertise.