Power cuts to effect UK business?

It is not the first warning, for sale but last month Ofcom once again highlighted the increasing risk of power cuts in 2015. As we become more reliant on technology in our personal and business lives, what is ed the demand for energy to power our lives is increasing dramatically. At present there is a […]

Do business water bills offer good value?

Since the privatisation of UK water companies at the end of the 1980s, information pills our domestic and business water bills have risen significantly above the rate of inflation. As businesses and households are facing increasing financial challenges, we are all looking at every opportunity to make cuts and our water bills are one area […]

Could fracking lead to cheaper business energy bills?

The technique of fracking has been stirring up plenty of discussions between politicians, page environmentalists and utility companies. Depending on which side of the argument you hear, cialis 40mg fracking could provide us with UK sourced shale gas or could be an environmental disaster. The natural supply of shale gas is estimated to be sufficient […]

Energy efficiency and your business

Energy efficiency refers to reducing the energy used to deliver the same end result. A focus on research into energy efficiency in recent decades has produced technology that we can all use in order to reduce the energy we use. From light bulbs to cars, price the demand for energy efficient products is growing. Businesses […]

Business water bill audits for all: A look to the future

As the population continues to rise and demand grows for finite resources like water, it’s clear that measures need to be put in place now to ensure we have access to fresh water in the future. In February, the Carbon Trust launched the new Water Standard with the aim of improving the measurement, management and reduction of […]

The benefits of a business electricity bill audit this winter

We may have been dreaming of a white Christmas, stomach but the reality of the snow can be a little less magical for many business owners. Even if you’ve enjoyed the chance to brush down the sledge and build a snowman, visit the ongoing cold spell is likely to have caused a bit of disruption […]

Keeping in touch with better value telecoms bills

As the New Year begins you may have had time to review the last 12 months and make plans for 2013. If you run your own business you may be considering ways to drive things forward and increase your profits. It is no secret that it is far easier to generate new business from existing […]

Alternative energy: The impact on Business Utility Bills

In November George Obsborne stated that the UK must be a leader in the research and development of alternative energy technologies. He particularly focused on solving the problem of electricity storage, tadalafil so this could be effectively used to back up the fluctuating power generated by solar and wind generators, and making them more viable […]

Reduce business water use: water efficiency products

From warnings of droughts and hosepipe bans in March, viagra 60mg then flooding and the wettest summer months in decades, ask water has been a hot topic through 2012. As a natural resource, it is unpredictable and, as we can often forget when we can easily turn on the tap, it is also finite. Whether […]

Minimise the impact of rises in utility bills

As soon as we began to wake up to dark chilly mornings, more about British Gas, NPower and Thames Water started the ball rolling with announcements of rises in utility bills. As we’ve all experienced before, it’s never long before the other utility companies follow suit. In response to the price increases, the media focused […]