Every Last Drop

This year Nestle announced a 36% reduction in water use since committing to water management measures in 2006. Nestle are one of many well known companies who have committed to reducing the water they use in production and business in general. Their ‘Every Last Drop’ water saving campaign has included sponsoring water education resources for […]

Small businesses are more “complacent” about energy efficiency

Small businesses are more “complacent” than others when it comes to energy efficiency, according to new expert analysis. This is despite a huge majority of businesses (97%) claiming they already have, or will, strengthen their energy saving policies and will change to efficient light bulbs as a minimum. According to a new quarterly poll from […]

Lowering Your Business Rates with Audit Experts

At home, each time you get a utility bill that has sky-rocketed, you know that it’s time (once again) to assess the way you and your family members use the different services and figure out a way to lessen your total consumption. You may choose to enforce stricter rules on each family member. If it […]

Business Energy Savings: SMEs and Cloud Computing

    As a business owner you may be aware of the more ‘common’ ways of saving money on your electricity bills. But you may not be aware of the new way of saving money on your business energy bills. Read on to find out more…   Utel Audits top 6 Business Energy Saving Tips. […]

Norway offers a future for UK energy supplies

Every Christmas Norway gives the UK a gift of a Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square, as a symbol of peace and a thank you for British support in Norway during the Second World War. Recent talks have strengthened the relationship between the two countries and the two Prime Ministers have signed an energy agreement that […]

Engaging water users – Be water wise

Every year in Oxford, key stakeholders and players in water efficiency including water companies, product manufacturers, policy makers, Government organisations and academics come together to discuss developments and issues at The Waterwise Water Efficiency Conference. This year’s event will take place on Wednesday 21 March with a focus on ‘Engaging water users’. As the world’s […]