utel audit business electricity billBy lowering the charges made for your business electricity bill, UTEL Audits could have a positive impact on your business costs. In a time of economic difficulty when every penny needs to be accounted for, we could ensure you never pay over the odds on your business electricity bill.

UTEL Audits have energy consultants who are specialist at finding savings on your business electricity bill. We will undertake a thorough analysis of your business electricity bill over the previous 12 months. We will check you have been correctly charged and if we find any discrepancies, we are able to claim a refund from the electricity supplier for up to 6 years. We will also ensure you are set up appropriately for future billing.

Where it could save your company money to change provider, we will advise on the suppliers that could provide electricity for your company’s requirements. We make sure that any recommendations for savings on your electricity always match or exceed the quality of service that you current receive. We will also inform you of other options that could be of benefit, such as bulk purchasing.

Remember, if we can’t save you money, you don’t pay a penny. Call us today on 01442 832 034 for a free initial discussion.