Our Service

Following an initial meeting to discuss your specific requirements, UTEL Audits will scrutinise your business energy bills from the previous 12 months to check for overcharging. We will then undertake a full cost analysis and tender for the best price from all suppliers in the market. We will then produce a report, which identifies and recommends the areas of saving for your company on your business energy bills. If required, we also provide an account management service for your business energy bills.

As we operate independently, you can feel assured that throughout this process, we will only ever be looking for the best deal for your company.

UTEL Audits tailor our services to your needs; from managing all utilities or a single problem utility, to fees based on results or a fixed fee. UTEL Audits operates on the principle that unless savings over current charges can be achieved and maintained, the customer does not have to pay us anything.

Remember, if we can’t save you money, you don’t pay a penny. Call us today onĀ 01442 832 034 for a free initial discussion.