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The benefits of a business electricity bill audit this winter

We may have been dreaming of a white Christmas, stomach but the reality of the snow can be a little less magical for many business owners. Even if you’ve enjoyed the chance to brush down the sledge and build a snowman, visit the ongoing cold spell is likely to have caused a bit of disruption […]

Alternative energy: The impact on Business Utility Bills

In November George Obsborne stated that the UK must be a leader in the research and development of alternative energy technologies. He particularly focused on solving the problem of electricity storage, tadalafil so this could be effectively used to back up the fluctuating power generated by solar and wind generators, and making them more viable […]

Minimise the impact of rises in utility bills

As soon as we began to wake up to dark chilly mornings, more about British Gas, NPower and Thames Water started the ball rolling with announcements of rises in utility bills. As we’ve all experienced before, it’s never long before the other utility companies follow suit. In response to the price increases, the media focused […]

Small businesses are more “complacent” about energy efficiency

Small businesses are more “complacent” than others when it comes to energy efficiency, according to new expert analysis. This is despite a huge majority of businesses (97%) claiming they already have, or will, strengthen their energy saving policies and will change to efficient light bulbs as a minimum. According to a new quarterly poll from […]

Lowering Your Business Rates with Audit Experts

At home, each time you get a utility bill that has sky-rocketed, you know that it’s time (once again) to assess the way you and your family members use the different services and figure out a way to lessen your total consumption. You may choose to enforce stricter rules on each family member. If it […]