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Do business water bills offer good value?

Since the privatisation of UK water companies at the end of the 1980s, information pills our domestic and business water bills have risen significantly above the rate of inflation. As businesses and households are facing increasing financial challenges, we are all looking at every opportunity to make cuts and our water bills are one area […]

Business water bill audits for all: A look to the future

As the population continues to rise and demand grows for finite resources like water, it’s clear that measures need to be put in place now to ensure we have access to fresh water in the future. In February, the Carbon Trust launched the new Water Standard with the aim of improving the measurement, management and reduction of […]

Reduce business water use: water efficiency products

From warnings of droughts and hosepipe bans in March, viagra 60mg then flooding and the wettest summer months in decades, ask water has been a hot topic through 2012. As a natural resource, it is unpredictable and, as we can often forget when we can easily turn on the tap, it is also finite. Whether […]

Every Last Drop

This year Nestle announced a 36% reduction in water use since committing to water management measures in 2006. Nestle are one of many well known companies who have committed to reducing the water they use in production and business in general. Their ‘Every Last Drop’ water saving campaign has included sponsoring water education resources for […]

Engaging water users – Be water wise

Every year in Oxford, key stakeholders and players in water efficiency including water companies, product manufacturers, policy makers, Government organisations and academics come together to discuss developments and issues at The Waterwise Water Efficiency Conference. This year’s event will take place on Wednesday 21 March with a focus on ‘Engaging water users’. As the world’s […]