Business Energy Savings: SMEs and Cloud Computing

Business Energy Savings for SME's

Business Energy Savings for SME's - Cloud Computing



As a business owner you may be aware of the more ‘common’ ways of saving money on your electricity bills. But you may not be aware of the new way of saving money on your business energy bills. Read on to find out more…


Utel Audits top 6 Business Energy Saving Tips.

  • Switch off lights
  • Using low-energy light bulbs
  • Use movement detectors to control lighting in areas that have less frequent use
  • Draught proofing windows and doors
  • Switching off electrical equipment when not in use
  • Contact Utel Audits to find out more about Business Energy Savings.


Cloud computing ties in with our Top 6 Business Energy Saving Tips. But how does cloud computing work and how can it save your SME money on energy bills?

Using a secure online server on the internet you can hold data such as your contact list on a cloud based CRM System which is easily accessed by you and your team. The great thing about it is it’s available on your desktop, your laptop and even your mobile phone! Another example is a web-based e-mail service provider such as Gmail. Your emails are accessible on a computer anywhere in the world on any device with internet access.


Cloud computing and saving your business money on your energy bills.

Your business can save money on your energy bills by using a cloud based system as fewer machines used in your business equate to greater energy savings.

The energy supplier E.ON recently released a study on cloud computing and how businesses can save money on their energy bills. Their study revealed that over a million SME’s in the UK don’t realise that they can save money on their energy bills by simply switching to ‘cloud’ computing. Nearly 90% of SME’s are not aware that they can not only save money but also shrink their IT footprint by using cloud based systems.

Head of Business Sales at E.ON, Iain Walker, said:

Energy is a hot topic for UK SMEs and it’s clear they are unaware of the energy saving solutions available to them.

Phil McCabe, Senior Policy Adviser at the Forum of Private Business said:

It is important that business owners realise that embracing cloud computing can significantly reduce bottom line costs, as well as their energy footprint.

The research polled 896 UK SMEs in February 2012 from business, professional, finance and property services.


As well as using cloud computing, SME’s can also have an electricity audit done by Utel Audits. We help all types of Businesses with Energy Savings and can provide tips and advice. Call now for a free initial discussion and see if we can help you with your Business Energy Savings.

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