Energy efficiency and your business

Energy efficiency refers to reducing the energy used to deliver the same end result. A focus on research into energy efficiency in recent decades has produced technology that we can all use in order to reduce the energy we use. From light bulbs to cars, price the demand for energy efficient products is growing. Businesses can also employ energy efficient processes in the production of goods or services, by monitoring and taking action to make improvements where energy is being wasted.

Energy efficiency is one of the primary factors that, by cutting greenhouse gas emissions could reduce the ever increasing impact on the environment. In the UK, we are working towards a 2050 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% and energy efficiency will contribute significantly to us being able to reach this target. Whilst the environmental aspect is crucial, most people will be attracted to energy efficient products for the cost savings.

Whilst contributing to saving the planet, energy efficiency can provide savings for both individuals and companies. An example is an AA report that states that the volume of fuel purchased from petrol stations has declined by over 9% since 2007. As this coincides with the economic downturn, the reduction is partly attributed to individuals reducing their travel, but a significant portion of this drop is due to increasing numbers of fuel efficient vehicles. A decline in the demand for fuel reduces the money we have to spend as individuals, but also cuts gas emissions and the impact on natural resources.

It is not only individuals who can cut their bills. The Carbon Trust suggests that the average business could reduce its energy costs by 10% by employing energy saving measures, such as switching off lights, computers and machinery at night and installing energy efficient products such as light bulbs. To assist both business and domestic consumers, the EU Energy Label is shown on products to identify how they rank (A, through to G) and make easy comparisons on the energy efficiency.

If your company would like to decrease the amount being spent on energy, a business gas or electricity bill audit can provide the ideal solution. An audit will look at the current spend and will identify ways in which savings can be made. Where energy efficient products would be beneficial, these will be recommended as will other areas where energy savings could be made.

With SSE recently in the news for mis-selling energy products to customers and many other energy companies being scrutinized for unclear pricing that has led to customers over charged, getting an independent expert in to audit your business energy bills could be a valuable exercise. At the end of March an article in the Guardian stated that research has highlighted ‘a quarter of consumers have received incorrect bills from their energy company in the past two years’. A business bill audit will check through your bills for discrepancies in charges, as well as ensuring you are on the correct package for your business use. Where an alternative energy provider has an equivalent package on a lower cost, this will be identified and recommended.

When you have a business electricity bill audit, you will gain a good understanding of the current position of your company. Once this is established, you can monitor progress and the savings made. Your business finances may have recently undergone a review at the end of the financial year. If you are keen to embark on schemes which save money for a healthier balance sheet during this financial year, call Utel Audits today on 01442 832034 to arrange an appointment for your business gas or electricity bill audit.

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