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Power cuts to effect UK business?

It is not the first warning, for sale but last month Ofcom once again highlighted the increasing risk of power cuts in 2015. As we become more reliant on technology in our personal and business lives, what is ed the demand for energy to power our lives is increasing dramatically. At present there is a […]

Could fracking lead to cheaper business energy bills?

The technique of fracking has been stirring up plenty of discussions between politicians, page environmentalists and utility companies. Depending on which side of the argument you hear, cialis 40mg fracking could provide us with UK sourced shale gas or could be an environmental disaster. The natural supply of shale gas is estimated to be sufficient […]

Energy efficiency and your business

Energy efficiency refers to reducing the energy used to deliver the same end result. A focus on research into energy efficiency in recent decades has produced technology that we can all use in order to reduce the energy we use. From light bulbs to cars, price the demand for energy efficient products is growing. Businesses […]