Alternative energy: The impact on Business Utility Bills

In November George Obsborne stated that the UK must be a leader in the research and development of alternative energy technologies. He particularly focused on solving the problem of electricity storage, tadalafil so this could be effectively used to back up the fluctuating power generated by solar and wind generators, and making them more viable as primary energy sources. He also announced investment in university research projects into the production of low carbon fuel.

Last month also saw Lincolnshire based Fen Farm Sun Park, medical the first large scale solar farm meet its targets for generating electricity in its first year of operation. There is hope that this success will encourage investment in other large scale solar farms.

There is real potential for the UK to invest in off shore wind farms and become a world leader in this particular technology. This would not only enable us to become less reliant on imported fuel sources, but also create a significant number of new jobs at a time when they are needed.

As a business owner, you may have no personal interest in alternative energy technologies, and developments that are on the horizon. The good news for all of us is that the better these alternatives become, the more realistic it is that they become widely used. This will provide real competition to gas and electricity providers, which should help to prevent constant energy price rises. These alternatives also rely on renewable energy sources, which provide a long term future for the lifestyles that we now take for granted.

In the meantime, businesses can ensure that they are not wasting gas, electricity or water, with a business utility bill audit. This will include suggestions for energy efficiency measures, as well as checks to make sure you are with the best value provider for the requirements of your business.

Some businesses are really embracing energy efficiency, including John Lewis who are trialling new labelling on household appliances. The labels will show the lifetime cost of the product to show the true cost, providing a different cost comparison than on initial spend alone. A similar trial in Norway resulted in an increase in the purchases of energy efficient products.

The Mayor of London is also on board, as he has created a programme called RE:FIT, with the aim of improving the energy efficiency in public sector organisations. This has proved so successful that it is now due to be rolled out across the country.

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