Lowering Your Business Rates with Audit Experts

At home, each time you get a utility bill that has sky-rocketed, you know that it’s time (once again) to assess the way you and your family members use the different services and figure out a way to lessen your total consumption. You may choose to enforce stricter rules on each family member. If it means less TV or desktop computer time for the next few weeks, or changing the showerhead to control the amount of water used with each bath, or switching your current appliances with more energy-saving ones, then so be it; it takes more effort to earn and save money these days, and every little effort made at home can go a long way in lowering your utility bills.


How does this work on a corporate level? A typical company, often accomodates several  floors in an office building. Each employee would be working at a desk with a computer, each floor would need air-conditioning units and possibly kitchen facilities. There would be several office appliances necessary for daily operations such as telephones , fax and copy machines. The list of needs for an operational office goes on and utilities are neccessary for keeping the place running smoothly. Getting billed exorbitant amounts each month would not be easily solved by restricting the use of certain facilities in the same way you may remedy it in your own home. There is, fortunately, one solution available: hiring a professional auditing team from a consultancy specifically dedicated to managing the business gas rates and other utility bills of industrial and commercial companies.


An independent consultancy would have years of experience and extensive market intelligence in helping companies from different industries investigate their utility issues and conduct general audits of their regular bills. They would have skills in the in-depth retrieval of accurate pricing information and structures along with an efficient way of managing this data. They can then determine whether companies have been correctly invoiced and are using the correct business rates.  They will identify how costs can be effectively reduced in the workplace.


Residents aren’t the only ones who experience excessively high utility bills and need to devise a plan for reducing costs. As businesses increase the scale of their operations, they are more prone to experiencing large increases in their bills with the addition of employees, equipment, and all kinds of facilities. Monitoring the consumption of each feature and comparing them against the utility bills can be a lengthy task, so the best solution is to hire professionals who are specifically trained to assess a company’s costs and reduce them.


A highly qualified auditing consultancy would analyse a company’s business electricity bill, gas bill, or water bill over the previous 12 months and determine whether they have been correctly charged and that there are no discrepancies. Auditing teams will also ensure that companies are on the best tariff and are not being overcharged. Recommendations will also be made on ways to cut down on costs and keep them down in future billing periods.


The good news is, there is no need to turn off lights during meetings or close off entire floors  to save on bills! With auditing experts on board, a company can be reassured that they are paying the right amounts each and every time.

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