Minimise the impact of rises in utility bills

As soon as we began to wake up to dark chilly mornings, more about British Gas, NPower and Thames Water started the ball rolling with announcements of rises in utility bills. As we’ve all experienced before, it’s never long before the other utility companies follow suit. In response to the price increases, the media focused on home owners and how they will afford to heat their homes through the coldest months.

The impact on businesses, especially in sectors such as manufacturing can be even more significant. When everyone is focused on any sign of recovery, further financial demands can really affect already stretched profits. Consumer groups have requested that regulatory boards and government step in to reduce the rises in utility bills, but as demand on gas and water supplies increases, we are likely to see higher costs, as they are finite resources.

So what measures can both businesses and homeowners put in place to minimise the effect of the ever increasing water, gas and electricity bills?

At the moment there are a number of utility companies who are offering fixed energy prices for a set period, commonly 2 years. Signing up to one of these fixed contracts enables you to avoid any unplanned spending on utilities in the short term. When the fixed period is coming to an end, it will be necessary to look for the best deal on the market.

To help reduce your bills, there are a variety of products on the market that can be installed to monitor and reduce your gas, electricity and gas usage. Different products will suit home owners, office environments and industrial settings, so advice on which options are appropriate for your specific situation can be invaluable.

A utility bill audit can be a very cost saving exercise. A professional audit company can look at your current utility bills, to check that you are being charged correctly and also ensure you are on the best tariff for your requirements. They can also make recommendations on water and energy saving devices that you could install to monitor and reduce usage.

If you have a business utility bill audit, you could make significant savings both in the short and long term. The cost of a business audit is relatively low and can have a positive impact on your profit margin.

At Utel Audits, we will carry out this audit Free of charge and if we are unable to find savings there will be nothing to pay so there is nothing to lose and potentially many gains. Why not get in touch now, so we can undertake your business audit before the winter kicks in?


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