Small businesses are more “complacent” about energy efficiency

Small businesses are more “complacent” than others when it comes to energy efficiency, according to new expert analysis.

This is despite a huge majority of businesses (97%) claiming they already have, or will, strengthen their energy saving policies and will change to efficient light bulbs as a minimum. According to a new quarterly poll from the website ‘Business Juice’ nearly nine out of ten firms also say they are on the verge of installing a smart meter. David Mills of Utel Audits believes that this information shows that businesses know that they should be doing something and want to be considered as taking energy efficiency seriously, despite only a small percentage actually taking action.

The ‘Business Juice’ experts who analysed the ‘Energy Forecaster’ poll suggested there was a worrying lack of action with regards to energy efficiency and particularly noticeable apathy from smaller businesses of between 10 and 49 employees.

David Mills of Utel Audits has observed that: “The smaller business is most likely to see energy efficiency measures as another business cost that they can’t afford and therefore ignore it. The reality is that it can make significant savings for a business of any size.”

David adds “When it comes to smart meters in small businesses, only 11% have them installed – that means 89% haven’t. For medium businesses, the installation of smart meters is far more common, so the issue does seem to be particular to small businesses. They have yet to wake up to the fact that you can make big increases in profits by cutting your energy use.”

A professional energy audit will highlight a range of ways in which a business of any size can make small changes that can have a big impact on their energy efficiency, resulting in significant savings. Why not take action before the heating and lighting starts being switched on more regularly through the Autumn and Winter?

A final note; always remember that the cheapest kWhr is the one you don’t use.


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