The benefits of a business electricity bill audit this winter

We may have been dreaming of a white Christmas, stomach but the reality of the snow can be a little less magical for many business owners. Even if you’ve enjoyed the chance to brush down the sledge and build a snowman, visit the ongoing cold spell is likely to have caused a bit of disruption to the usual routine in your workplace. Snow on the roads can have a significant effect on suppliers, check deliveries and the number of staff who were able to make it to work.

For the staff that do manage to get in, keeping them warm during the cold spell is probably going to have a noticeable impact on your business gas or electricity bills. Whether it’s additional heaters to boost the temperature in your office or factory, or more regular use of the kettle, there is no doubt that your workforce needs to be warm to continue working effectively. In larger organisations, this increase in the demand for warmth can result in a noticeable rise in utility bills, which ultimately impacts on profits. Following the usual downtime at Christmas, this is the last thing you need.

A business electricity bill audit won’t stop the snow, or the demands of your staff, but it can ensure that you aren’t paying over the odds for your utility services. By checking that you are on the correct tariff for the specific needs of your business, you can be sure that you are not being charged for unrequired services. A business electricity bill audit will also check that you previous bills are correct, take up any discrepancies with the supplier and research alternative providers who are able to offer the same quality of provision at a reduced cost.

Unlike a journey in the snow, a business electricity bill audit is risk free. If we identify that you are already on the best possible tariff with the right supplier, meaning we are unable to save you money, Utel Audits won’t charge you for our services. There really is nothing to lose and potentially plenty to gain. We can also provide audits for your gas, water and telecoms bills, all with the same risk free guarantee.

Help your business to minimise the impact of unpredictable weather conditions both this year and in the future. Call Utel Audits today to arrange your business electricity bill audit on: 01442 832034


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