Engaging water users – Be water wise

Every year in Oxford, key stakeholders and players in water efficiency including water companies, product manufacturers, policy makers, Government organisations and academics come together to discuss developments and issues at The Waterwise Water Efficiency Conference. This year’s event will take place on Wednesday 21 March with a focus on ‘Engaging water users’.

As the world’s population continues to rapidly expand, so do the demands on water supply. The greatest demands on water supply comes from cities and industry, as water is required in the manufacture, production and processing of the huge volume of products that we demand as consumers. As consumers, it’s important to be water wise.

The Waterwise conference aims to find ways to encourage both domestic and commercial water users to think about how they use water. The first step is to engage and inform users about reducing usage, minimising waste and other fundamental changes that lead to greater water efficiency.

Whilst informing users of the issues is the first step, getting them to take that vital next step towards acting upon their knowledge is critical. The popularity of social media opens up many opportunities for communicating with people who may not have been previously engaged in the issue. Incentives from water companies, promotions, demonstration and give-aways for products that aid water efficiency help to raise awareness and support user action can also help. New ideas are always needed, have you got any thoughts? Or have any tips and ideas you’d like to share on how to be water wise?

The Waterwise conference will explore successes and failures from past attempts to improve water efficiency, and draw some conclusions about the best ways to get users to buy-in to water efficiency in the future.

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