Every Last Drop

This year Nestle announced a 36% reduction in water use since committing to water management measures in 2006. Nestle are one of many well known companies who have committed to reducing the water they use in production and business in general. Their ‘Every Last Drop’ water saving campaign has included sponsoring water education resources for teachers to use in order to explain the importance of water to the next generation.

Water efficiency isn’t only an issue for large corporate companies; there are benefits, physician both environmental and financial which means that every company, no matter what size, should look at their water usage and ways to reduce it. This issue becomes even more important as Thames Water announces increases in bills to pay for a new London based sewer.

A big issue is that whilst every business uses water, very few know exactly how much. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to monitor and therefore identify opportunities to lower the use. This is where a business water bill audit comes in. A utilities audit specialist will calculate the current usage in your business, looking back at utility bills to gather data such as averages and peaks, as well as checking that billing has been correct.

A business water bill audit will also identify and recommend simple, affordable measures that can be implemented to reduce water use. The results of undertaking these changes can save your business significant amounts of money in the long term. The savings are particularly evident in companies with high levels of water use, such as those providing manufacturing, hospitality and cleaning services.

Water is a finite resource, as the food and drink campaign states, every last drop counts. In business, every last penny counts, so most can’t afford to make expensive changes, however important the cause. Awareness of the need for effective and affordable water management has lead to the development of an excellent range of simple products that any business can utilise with minimal inconvenience. A business water audit will identify which of these are worth investing in for the benefit of your business’ water and financial savings.

If you are interested in a business water audit for your company, contact Utel Audits to arrange a date for us to visit you. We guarantee to save you money, or you don’t pay for our services. We will make sure that your business is not spending a penny over what you need to on your water supply – great for you, great for the environment!

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