Reduce business water use: water efficiency products

From warnings of droughts and hosepipe bans in March, viagra 60mg then flooding and the wettest summer months in decades, ask water has been a hot topic through 2012. As a natural resource, it is unpredictable and, as we can often forget when we can easily turn on the tap, it is also finite. Whether you are interested in protecting the environment, or prefer to focus on saving money on your bills, it is beneficial for everyone to cut down on their water use.

An increase in the use of water meters has encouraged more households and businesses to consider ways in which water usage can be reduced. It has also encouraged innovators to develop new ideas to help us all to manage our water use. This means there are now plenty of water efficiency products on the market to meet a range of requirements and budgets.

A recent winner of the Waterwise product award is the Pulse Eco Shower, which uses new technology to both reduce water use and as a welcome side effect, it also minimises the build up of limescale, which will be especially welcome in hard water areas. If it sounds of interest, you can read more about this particular water efficiency product here:

It is quite possible that you do not use showers in your business however there are other products that could really increase your water efficiency and reduce your water bills. Even the smallest business can use water efficiency products such as a hippo, which is placed in toilet cisterns to minimise the water use in every flush, or tap inserts to reduce water flow.

For larger businesses there are products such as flow meters and monitoring equipment that can easily detect leaks, industrial cleaning machines that have been designed to use significantly less water and low flush toilets.

These water saving products require investment, but this need not be significant and can easily be justified with the savings that can soon be made on water bills. No matter what the size of your company, as business water audit can review your current water usage and suggest ways in which you can reduce your water use, and therefore your water bills. These recommendations include water efficiency products that are suitable for installation in your work environment. Utel Audits can provide you with a business water audit that guarantees you savings, or you don’t pay for our services. Call us today to arrange and appointment: 01442 832034

For an example of an award winning company, who have taken water efficiency measures to the heart of everything they do, and can inspire others to make changes, see Lowaters Nursery’s website here:

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